Bat Boy: The Musical (2014)

14/08/2014 – 16/08/2014

Keythe Farley & Brian Flemming

When three young siblings go exploring in a cave near their small town of Hope Falls they discover a mysterious creature- half­bat, half-boy. The creature attacks. The sheriff, for lack of a better option, takes the creature to Dr Parker’s, hoping the veterinarian will know what to do. Meanwhile, the townsfolk are baying for blood­bat-boy blood.
As Meredith Parker and her daughter Shelley teach Edgar how to behave like a normal boy. the townsfolk begin to connect the appearance of the creature to the deaths of their cows. An uneasy truce is made but when the bat-boy Edgar tries to fit in with the narrow-minded townsfolk. they turn on him. He and Shelley. who have fallen in love run away to the forest to escape the townsfolk.
However, a terrible secret soon ruins their happiness and it is not long before the whole town knows the past of the mysterious Bat Boy.

Jim Coulson
Music director
Tim Lukey
Chiarence Cooper & Eliza Honybun
Bat Boy-Jim Coulson
Shelley Parker-Claire Stubs
Thomas Parker-Derek Mui
Meredith Parker-Margan Rayner
Sheriff- Bee Fagan
Rick Taylar-Max Bayly
Ran Taylar-Ash Christie
Ruthie Taylar-Rase Butler
Mrs Taylar-Evan Parris
Eleanor Walters-Larraine
Michelle Green-Daisy
Emerald Chang-Georgia
Lexie Cochrane-Mayor Maggie Jack Davis-Bud
Ognjen Belie-Ned
Tam Kerr-Mr Dillon
Caleb Ballinger-Ray
Jake Muller-Clem
Jordan Sarby-Reverend Hightower
Nathaniel Taylar-Pan
Samuel Lam-Doctor
Beaudan Campbell-Brawn-Institute Man
Edward Worland-Mr Mereith
Hajin Sang-Mrs Meredith
Art Pitchford
Sally Irvine
Lauren Reece
Briana Ellis
Eliza Hanybun
Chiarene Cooper
Tim Lukey: Electric and Acoustic Guitars/conductor
Damir Krehula: Piano
Rey Dayap: Keyboard
Will Ellet: Drums
Hiro Chan: Bass guitar
Liesl Ho: Flute
Olivia Grosfeld: Clarinet
William Stanley: Cello
Matteo Gatto: Trombone
Liesl Ha -WARTS President
Rachel Carr-Producer
Hajin Sang-Treasurer
Emma Zagami-Assistant Director
Rachel Pitt-Lancaster-Stage Manager
Sally Irvine-Assistant Stage Manager
Mandy T sai-Praductian Manager
Clare Browne
Rosie Lane
Victoria Lau
Bee Mclarty
Asitha Samarawickrama
Jordan Sorby Brad Spinks
Nathaniel Taylor Lucy Williams
Lighting and Tech- Nathaniel Ballinger Reece Baxter