One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

28/08/2014 – 30/08/2014

Dale Wasserman

Based on the book by Ken Kessey

“To avoid a jail sentence, Randal McMurphy feigns insanity and ends up serving his time in a mental institution. He rebels against the authority of Nurse Ratched, who rules the ward with an iron fist. He parties, gains the respect of the other patients and defies the rules in almost any way possible. But soon this becomes an all-out-war between authority and rebellion, so Nurse Ratched is forced to use drastic measures…”

Photo gallery

Sanjana Aswani
Harley Brackley
Khaya Mphele
Darcy Richardson
Monica Mui
Jordi Nugent
Zac Finn
Cindy Nguyen
Yume Ishibashi
Sailesh Mukundala
Jonathan Evans
Jeshantaran Ravindra
Oliver Gadsden
Declan El-Hage
Morgan Nicholson
Vesna Joshi
Gino Go
Chris Zhao
Emma Randles (Coordinator)
Miguel Lontoc (Producer)
Sanjana Aswani (Director)
Briana Symonds-Manne (Assistant Director)
Alexandre Guérin (Stage Manager)
Monica Bradford (Assistant Stage Manager)
Harley Brackley (Set Designer)
Bridget Loughhead (Costume Designer)
Pratyush Baranwal (Publicity)
Maggie Greenham (Make-Up Designer)
Eesha Sawhney (Front of House Manager)
Jacob Trethowan (Lighting Designer)
Jim Browne (Sound Designer)
Gabriel Haines (Graphic Designer)

Special thanks to Georgia Angus for the Cover Art as well!