Intermediate Secret

04/07/2016 – 05/07/2016

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Open Body Theatre are proud to present INTERMEDIATE SECRETSA double bill experience of two interactive live art works by Henrik Green and Julia Lambert.INTERMEDIATE Can you put a price on an experience? A new performance work by Henrik Green challenges the value(s) we assign to a material artwork. Developed in response to his work Museum As A Cathedral with the philosophical investigation group at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, the work will explore ritual, creativity and spontaneity in a performance setting. THE SECRETS GARDEN Everyone has secrets. Safely share your secret or hold someone else’s in this interactive theatrical experience. Inspired by childhood innocence and the code of friendship..., swear your secrecy and bond to someone you’ll never meet. An insight into the human condition and the things we write, but might never say out loud, The Secrets Garden is a place to let go of your anxiety and free someone else of theirs. SHOW TIMES 4th July: 6pm, 7pm 5th July: 6pm, 7pm VENUE INTERMEDIATE: room 419, building 757 Swanston St THE SECRETS GARDEN: room 418, building 757 Swanston St TICKETS: $5 BOOK TICKETS NOW: AUDIENCE CAPPED AT 12 PER SESSION, BOOK TICKETS FAST! Producers: Jai Leeworthy Sara Laurena Ayu Maylinda