Playreading Mini- Fest

24/07/2018 – 25/07/2018

Various students, under the mentorship of Mari Lourey
UHT Writer-in-Residence, Mari Lourey, playwright, dramaturg and theatre-maker, has been working closely with students to develop their work over Semester 1. Now, they're about to put their work in front of an audience for the first time as part of the UHT Playreading Mini-Fest! Over two nights you’ll hear snippets of work, see new ideas and meet the creators as they test and explore their scripts. Works Presented: Her Hour Upon the Stage by Lucy Seale Cast: Michelle Eddington, Merryn Hughes, Nicholas Kirkby, Finn Lloyd and Lara Robinson Pengorbanan by Martin Hoggart Cast: Matthew Bostock and Tombi Lloyd A Ghosting by Anna Grace Cast: Claire Miller and Campbell Zack McNish Breeders by Vanessa Di Natale Cast: Marcus Ravenwood, Samantha Law and Eleanor Woods Our Father by Lucy Holz Cast: Liam Bell, Luke Macaronas, Sinéad Mulcahy, Venus Notarberardino and Lachlan Smith Kit Goodman, Detective by Emily White Cast: Lotte Beckett, Matt Bostock, Louise Howard, Tombi Lloyd and Caitlin Wilson The Angel with the Blue Eyes by Ella Lubowitz Cast: Joe Jackson, Ben Goldberg, Alyssa Trombino, and Emily White. It's Not Too Far Down by Matthew Bostock Cast: Matt Bostock, Andre Martinovici, Jemima Middis , Sylvie van Dijk and Ellie Woods Cairns by Samantha Law Cast: Sabina Gerardi