Tag: female director


  1. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

    Ormond College Drama Club

    Musical (2010)

    Join us for the stage adaptation of the animated Walt Disney film about a strong-willed young woman, Belle, who breaks the spell that turned a handsome prince into a...

  2. 2010: A Space Oddity

    MUSLSA (The Melbourne University Sri Lankan Students’ Association)

    Play (2010)

    When two students uncover a plot by a neighbouring planet to invade Earth, they embark on a mission that sees them fighting vampires, zombies and lethally blonde bim...

  3. Attempts On Her Life (2008)

    Union House Theatre

    Play (2008)

    Subtitled ’17 scenarios for theatre’ this piece is bold in not allocating lines to any specific character. Central narrative about a character who may, or may no...

  4. Crook’ed: A Criminal Comedy

    Play (2009)

    Presented by Heist Theatre at the Irene Mitchell Studio. Chicago, 1931: the height of prohibition, and the era of public enemies. Notorious crime boss, Al Capone,...

  5. Away (2008)

    Trinity College

    Play (2008)

  6. Art

    Play (2007)

    Presented by TentPEG Productions What is it about Art? What does it tell us about us and our friendships. three characters with three different perceptions

  7. Genesis


    Play (2005)

    Genesis plays around in that magical space between poetry and theatre. Presented by Errgh Productions

  8. Abandonment

    Play (2001)

    Produced by college Janet Clarke Hall, and performed on college campus.

  9. Errol Flynn’s great big adventure book for Boys

    Play (2001)

    Produced by Scarlet Productions

  10. DIY: Detourne it Yourself


    Play (2001)

    Part of Mudfest 2001