Tag: Original work


  1. Anachronisticity

    Union House Theatre

    Dance (1998)

    7 short theatre/dance works. Cinematic Theatre: (des. Greg Paynter) Hooks: (dir. Mia Rappel + Jessie Huon) Trinity: (dir. Julia West) Loaded: (dir/choreo...

  2. Alice is a Big Girl Now

    Musical (1998)

    ‘No longer the sweet, innocent thing she once was…’ Produced by Rampant Creations and performed at North Melbourne Town Hall. Featured Live Jazz by Count...

  3. New Briefs 4 (Secret Men’s Business)

    Union House Theatre

    Play (1997)

    Co-produced by Monash University, La Trobe and RMIT.

  4. Ah Q’s True Story

    Chinese Theatre Group

    Play (1995)

    We present to you ‘Ah Q’s True Story’ in order to illustrate how weak and impoverished once China was, how mentally slaved Chinese were in an era full of upheavals.

  5. Do You Dare?

    Trinity College

    Play (1995)

  6. The Mercy Seat, Rush, Vanadais

    Victorian College of the Arts (VCA)

    Musical (1995)

    Three dance works performed as part of Mudfest 1995

  7. Don

    Play (1995)

    Directors Note: From the days when the mastodon ruled the plains to the postmodern age, the Dons of the world have strived to bring peace, light and smallgoods for a...

  8. New Briefs 2 (Scenes of Harasment)

    Union House Theatre

    Play (1995)

    Co- produced by Monash University, Latrobe Univeristy and RMIT.

  9. Mud Pies (1995)


    Play (1995)

  10. The Princess Ida Parlour

    Union House Theatre

    Musical (1994)

    The first women at Melb. Uni and their struggle for a room to call their own. A pop musical. Proceeds of benefit performance to Vic. Women’s trust: Ewa Czajor Memorial Award