Tag: Original work


  1. New Australian Play #278

    Play (1994)

    Presented by Awkward Stage. 278 was a group devised satire about a theatre collective putting on a butoh version of David WIlliamson’s “The Party”. As a co...

  2. Mud Pies (1993)


    Play (1993)

    New Short Works:,Untitled – 3 short pieces by Chris Davis ; Loner Zombie – written/directed by Wolfgang Madison-Texas ; Finishing Touch – written by Luke Matth...

  3. Menage a Trois

    Play (1992)

    Three short works: Dusa, Fish, Stas and Vi; Sex Life; Cold Coffee presented by Witless Theatre.

  4. After Life I Died and They Buried Me

    Play (1991)

    Play presents elements of the body and the spirit as believed in by the ancient Egyptians. It investigates the way these elements come into play when a noble is buri...

  5. Anastasius

    Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) Mudfest

    Play (1991)

    New Playwrights season as part of MUDFEST 1991. “If you want to know the future, open your eyes not your purse.” Inspired by the story of Anastasius, a librar...

  6. An Evening With…


    Musical (1991)

    Performed as part of Mudfest 199. Designed as a cabaret with three major characters: a stripper, a comedian, and an old lady who continuously interrupts the proce...

  7. Masking Line

    Play (1989)

  8. Atlanta

    Union House Theatre

    Play (1988)

    Using abstract form and original music, Atlanta is a play about the way we live today. Commissioned by the theatre department from Joanna Murray-Smith. The funding a...

  9. Courtesy Doesn’t Pay and Helkovitch

    University of Melbourne Education Department

    Play (1985)

    Helkovitch: Inspired by a contemporary Japanese courtcase. A man kills his wife as art. Courtesy Doesn't pay: "The actor in a stage of becoming is authentic” ...

  10. Ghost Trains (1984)

    Union House Theatre

    Play (1984)

    Set in the shabby seductiveness of Luna Park and details the lives of three characters who use sinister amusements of the fairground to play out their games of life.