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  1. The Goodbye Girl

    International House Theatre Group

    Play (2007)

  2. Casper Dies

    Express Post Productions

    Play (2007)

  3. Disjunction

    Advisory Committee

    Play (2007)

    Just so you know, I've toally googled you. A site specific exploration of how telecommunications helps people engage and disengage in today's MySpace'd world. P.S Th...

  4. Wonderful Day

    Fishnet Productions

    Play (2007)

    All Kel wants to do is live his own life - rather than the one his parents have planned out. He just needs to move out, disappoint his family and survive the fallout...

  5. A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2007)

    MUSC (Melbourne Uni Shakespeare Company)

    Play (2007)

    Deep into the dark woods of Athens flee two entwined sets of young Lovers, running from the sexually repressive totalitarian demands of their rulers and into the wil...

  6. The Bacchae

    Play (2007)

    Produced by Omniprop Productions. Suspend all disbelief… Dionysus, god of theatre, has come to Thebes, and the women are possessed. King Pentheus will believe...

  7. Fame: The Musical (2007)

    University of Melbourne Music Theatre Association (UMMTA)

    Musical (2007)

    UMMTA drags you along on a spectacular 80's journey with the final class of New York's High School for Performing Arts on 46th Street. The group that brought you Cab...

  8. Jabberwocky: a brillig shadow puppet play

    Musical (2007)

    Presented by It’s a Yam! Productions Enter the mythical world of Lewis Carroll’s renowned nonsense poem portrayed through the ancient medium of shadow puppet...

  9. Poise! (2007)

    Flare Dance Ensemble

    Dance (2007)

    Composure and Tranquillity, we take on the stage! Following its 2006 show Elements, Flare Dance Ensemble once again showcases dance pieces of fellow student choreogr...

  10. Deli of Lies

    Play (2007)

    Presented by Phat Pug Productions The drugs have gone missing. Chrissie is on the search. But who will be the bad guy? You decide. This is a tale of mistrust, su...

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