Tag: 2010s


  1. 10 Out of 12

    Ormond College Drama Club

    Musical (2017)

    Disorganised is an understatement, but the show must go on. Welcome to tech. Ormond College Drama Club Presents Anne Washburn's comedy '10 Out of 12.' Around y...

  2. Intermediate Secret

    Open Body Theatre

    Play (2016 )

    Open Body Theatre are proud to present INTERMEDIATE SECRETSA double bill experience of two interactive live art works by Henrik Green and Julia Lambert.INTERMEDIATE...

  3. Mudcrabs in Space


    Revue (2016 )

    Mudcrabs in Space Presented by Melbourne University Comedy Revue Board as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016 Space is the void that exists between celestial...

  4. Macbeth + macdeath : a coda (2016)

    Union House Theatre

    Play (2016)

    Macbeth + macdeath: a coda Directed by Petra Kalive By William Shakespeare and Jean Tong A dark prophecy triggers the rise and fall of an ambitious couple ...

  5. Blackrock (2016)

    International House Theatre Group

    Play (2016)

  6. Captain Australia: Emu War


    Revue (2016)

    Come one, come all to Medleys 2016 comedy show- Captain Australia: Emu War! We've got a great line up of sketches, songs and dances for you, followed by a comedy...

  7. Legally Blonde – The Musical (2016)

    St. Mary’s College

    Musical (2016)

    Presented by St. Mary’s College Drama Committee Elle Woods is determined to get into Harvard Law School (what, like it’s hard?) but not for the reason you may...

  8. A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2016)

    Newman College Drama Committee

    Play (2016 )

    “Lord, what fools these mortals be” Love makes fools of us all but especially the characters of Shakespeare’s beloved comedy “A Midsummer Night’s Dream...

  9. Melbourne Uni Law Revue 2016: Homecoming!

    Law Revue

    Revue (2016)

    Come and join us at HOMECOMING, as our cast razzle dazzle you in a night of sketch comedy genius. With hilarious stage and video sketches, colourful musical numbers,...

  10. Assassins (2016)

    Ormond College Drama Club

    Musical (2016)

    A multiple Tony Award-winning musical, Stephen Sondheim’s ‘Assassins’ invites to the stage the eight infamous individuals who have attempted to assassinate pre...