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  1. things we should talk about (2018)

    Union House Theatre

    Dance (2018)

    There are things we should talk about. Like, really talk about. Part dance-theatre, part social commentary, part attempt to squeeze 15 bodies onto one very small sta...

  2. Ascendance

    Flare Dance Ensemble

    Dance (2016)

      Flare Dance Ensemble is proud to present our 2016 production! Join us for an incredible three nights of dance and performance, showcasing the hard work of cho...

  3. BE

    Flare Dance Ensemble

    Dance (2015)

    Presented at the Clocktower Theatre. As time passes, we experience many things that add to our memories and to our identities. Through the tough times, we seek inspi...

  4. Eclipse

    Flare Dance Ensemble

    Dance (2008)

    One moment in time where we are united as one, our differences forgotten. Eclipse showcases an array of styles from Hip Hop Street to Contemporary Jazz to Pop. Come ...

  5. Maelstrom – 2009

    Flare Dance Ensemble

    Dance ( 2009)

    Flare Dance Ensemble presents its 8th annual production, showcasing a variety of dance styles from hip-hop to jazz to contemporary. Join us in an evening of passion,...

  6. Anachronisticity

    Union House Theatre

    Dance (1998)

    7 short theatre/dance works. Cinematic Theatre: (des. Greg Paynter) Hooks: (dir. Mia Rappel + Jessie Huon) Trinity: (dir. Julia West) Loaded: (dir/choreography. Nata...

  7. MetaFormosis

    Guild Dance Theatre

    Dance (1996)

    “16 dancers, 11 puppets and 8 puppeteers combine (to) create a visually thrilling illusion of reality expression.”

  8. The Mercy Seat, Rush, Vanadais

    Victorian College of the Arts (VCA)

    Musical (1995)

    Three dance works performed as part of Mudfest 1995

  9. In the Name of…

    Guild Dance Theatre

    Play (1993)

    Re-evaluating ‘constructed realities’ amid the ‘urban cultural crisis’.

  10. Edge

    19 Guild Dance Theatre

    Dance (1991)

    Fourteen choreographers & sixty dancers!

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