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  • Fair Weather
    Fairy Tales of New York
    Fame: The Musical (2007)
    Fame: The Musical (2013)
    Fame: The Musical (2015)
    Fame: The Musical (2017)
    Family Affairs
    Family Album
    Fando and Lis
    Fanny of the Footlights
    Farrago Night
    Fashionably Late For The Revolution Comedy Revue
    Fast '76-Festival of Australian Student Theatre
    Fat Camp
    Faustus 1931
    Feedback Is Gossip
    Female of The Species
    Filthy Rick
    Fine Arts of the Caribbean
    Finished and Unfinished: Playreadings
    Fire on the Snow
    Fish on Europa
    Fitting for Ladies
    Five at the George
    Five Finger Exercise (1961)
    Fixin' Bart and Maggie
    Flare: Ignite 2002
    Flash Jim Vaux
    Folies Fresheres
    Folk Songs
    Footloose (2019)
    Four Quintets: Punch and Judy and Little Brother
    Fragments of Rigmarole Reread
    Franz Lesh and The Underground Lovers
    French Cafe Concert
    French without Tears (1940)
    French without Tears (1941)
    French Without Tears (1953)
    French Without Tears (1959)
    Fresh Pasta - The Law Revue - 1986
    From Wellington With Love
    Frozen Glory
    Fuente Ovejuna
    Full Sail
    Funeral Games and The Erpingham Camp
    Fungus the Bogeyman
    Fusion (2001)
    Fusion (2005)